Start with CrossFit

start package

We are NOT a circuit training facility – we don’t want to throw you into a group and into an intensity without proper preparation.


At the first meeting, we will talk about what brought you to us, about your goals, expectations and motivation. We will be interested if you have any health or movement restrictions.

We will measure your body composition (amount of muscle, fat, water, …) so that you know what you are starting with and if you are moving in the right direction.

6 intro lessons

 After the consultation, introductory lessons await you. We will focus more on the technique of basic CrossFit exercises. We will warm up together, your trainer will explain and show you how to do basic CrossFit exercises, you will do the workout and stretch.

We recommend 3 introductory lessons per week.

3 lessons a week

After completing 6 intro lessons, you will join the group CrossFit classes up to 3 times a week for the rest of the duration of CrossFit Start Package. Your body will get used to the new movement the fastest, it will learn to regenerate and it won’t be as sore as it was at the beginning.

You can choose any of lessons from the reservation system.

2 months of exercise

CrossFit Start Package starts on the day of the initial consultation and lasts for 2 months. Then we measure your body composition again and compare what has changed.

After that, you can continue with any membership, exercise more often and use all its benefits.

Who is the Start Package suitable for?

For beginners who haven’t do CrossFit before (even if they do another sport or exercise in a gym). Also for those who are not sure about the technique and want to learn how to exercise without injury, efficiently and in a way that makes sense. We do not divide by age, gender, body type or fitness.

For starters, the goal is to catch the tram, not get out of breath when climbing several floors, manage a week of skiing without leg fatigue, carry heavy shopping bags or lift a child without back pain. We will teach you how to effectively lift a heavy barbell above your head, how to pull yourself up on a parallel bar, climb a rope and walk on your hands.

Do you have questions or concerns?

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