Visiting Prague just for a couple of days and want to Drop in for a class or a open gym? 

This page is just for you

You can find our schedule here: https://cfstr.reenio.cz/en/#/terms

You can reserve your spot for lesson / OG. Choose a time you want to drop in, fill in a few details and pay the price 200czk via your card. 

You can cancel 12 hours before the class / open gym starts.

If you dont feel like making a reservation, hit as an email info@crossfitstrahov.cz and we will respond.

If you want to do open gym, look for the non members times.

The price of our T-shirt is 700 CKZ.

Our location

We share the entrance (bellow is a picture of our entrance) with swimming pool Exact Location is here https://goo.gl/maps/oyud249JrnjzupXq9 After entering the building turn right and head to blue doors with our logo. In front of you will be a room to change your shoes, everything else is downstairs – front desk, gym, changing rooms, toilets, sauna. There are stairs at the other side of the gym when you get through our doors.

What to do (mostly eat) after work out? 

We recommend these few places:

Donuterie, Crème de la Crème, Naše Maso, Moje Kredenc and Brasileiro.


Moje Kredenc is pretty close to the gym so it is the fastest way to fuel up. The other 3 are not so far away. You can find all of them on google maps in this list: https://www.google.com/maps/placelists/list/R9Jmw7uASA6jFT7bZvBJHg

What to see in Prague – or at least what to see close to our gym

There is very nice view pretty close right next to two tall towers (which are in our logo) you can find it here: https://goo.gl/maps/1aSSpykyoffhZecu6

The Petřín tower (copy of Eiffel tower) 15 min walk from the gym here: https://goo.gl/maps/3aVVEuc1nHAqt4Fw6

And the Mirror maze https://goo.gl/maps/64WW4R24tuAc9Ldp6

We will be very happy to have you workout with us! And chat a little too 🙂

Feel free to give us a rating on google maps. Thanks in advance.