6 intro lessons Crossfit

We will teach you the right way to perform the movements so you can stay helthy and be effective in real life. We will throw you in between other members, who work out with us several years unprepeared. The course is for everyone who starts with CrossFit. After the course you will know all kinds of movements (squat, back squat, deadlift, push up, pull up, olympic weightlifting etc.) and you will know how to adjust them for your needs and goals. 

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Intro lessons can be lead in English or Czech language.

who is it FOR?

For everyone who has zero experiences with CrossFit. For people who have some epxeriences however they took a longer pause from it. 

Already experienced gym-goer?

“Although I already did some excercising in regular gym, I was lucky to pass this kind of course. 

I did work out a ton before CrossFit (at least I thought so) however the Foundation course was eye opening for me.

I found out what is possible to do in the gym and what is possible to do with our bodies.

Not only bicep curls and bench every other day, but pull ups, squats, olympic weightlifting, handstand walk. There is so much a human body is capable of.”

I recommend you taking at least some version of our Course – group or individual one. 

– Ondra, Head Coach CrossFit Strahov,

CrossFiter for 9 yrs

what to expect in intro lessons?

Six 60-75 min classes. 

On the first lesson there is a short intro – about us, about you, about CrossFit.

We start with less difficult movements (squat, sit up, burpee etc) and follow with more difficult ones. 

6 intro lessons are life changing experience

If you have any question, contact us at info@crossfitstrahov.cz